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Breathing - Respiratory, Diabetes, Heart Disease - Cardiovascular, Weight Loss

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Fremont, CA


Co-Founder, Match Health

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OVB Just trying to get through the week without catching a cold.

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Heart of the Matter

Last Update: 971 days ago

Having worked with innovative treatment options for the past decade, I have a strong appreciation for the positive impact they can have. It's amazing to consider the advances in healthcare that have been made over the years and the corresponding increases in lifespan. Today, now more so than ever, it's important for us to understand and be able to weigh in on decisions related to our health and our loved ones' health. 


Thankfully, I've had the fortune of good health throughout my life. But, about six years ago I was under a fair amount of stress and from time-to-time felt my heart beating in an irregular fashion. While it didn't really affect my quality of life, it was concerning enough that I thought I should get it evaluated.

To see whether the symptoms I was having were related to an arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), I received a Holter monitor. A Holter monitor (also referred to as an event monitor) is a mobile device that records the heart's electrical activity. The device often includes a feature that allows the user to push a button when he/she feels an irregular heart beat. In my case, the Holter monitor identified irregular hear beats that were coming from the bottom chambers of my heart (ventricles) and corresponded to my symptoms.


Fortunately, additional tests revealed that the specific arrhythmia I was experiencing did not pose a risk to my health. In the time since those tests, the irregular heart beats I experienced have more or less resolved. 

Having a spouse and children means that health is frequently the topic of conversation. From asthma to eczema to sleep apnea, we're constantly trying to manage the health of the household. Hopefully, Match Health can serve as an informative source of information for those who find themselves at the hub of healthcare decisions. 

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