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What are the Benefits of an Insulin Pump?


There can be many benefits to going on an insulin pump. Insulin pump users like it, because they don’t have to poke themselves all day long or carry around shots or pens. In some cases an insulin pump can create tighter blood sugar control, because it can deliver smaller doses. Instead of giving a shot and having to round off one unit, insulin pumps can give a tenth of a unit or half a unit at a time. Insulin pumps are also able to make dosage recommendations by calculating pre-programmed individual amounts that the user might need for mealtime and corrections.


Insulin pumps also can provide more flexibility. A lot of people find that it’s easier to skip meals or to eat more snacks or just to have a different schedule on the weekdays versus the weekend with the pump. Many patients find an improved quality of life, less intrusion with the diabetes with the pump.


In some cases, users can experience fewer low blood sugars or less extreme blood sugars than a person was previously having on shots. Extreme blood sugars as a result of changing schedules, meal schedules, and exercise can be less likely to occur on an insulin pump.