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What Insulin Pump Features Should I Consider?


There are roughly four different major brands of insulin pumps. Most of them provide insulin doses in a similar way and can be programmed for an individual’s needs.

Data Management


The differences in data management systems is something to consider. There can be differences in pump system in terms of whether and how they deliver information to your personal computer. There also can be basic differences in terms of computer compatibility. Understanding compatibility in terms of the insulin pump might communicate with the systems that your healthcare team uses may be important as well.


Data that insulin pumps can produce include blood glucose readings, the amount of insulin that was delivered and when it was delivered. This information can generally be transmitted into one’s own computer and / or her healthcare provider’s computer. With these data in hand, the healthcare team can track trends and identify when treatment needs to be adjusted.


Pumps typically come with a four or five year warranty, depending on the brand. That may be an issue for one to consider when purchasing a pump especially if insurance coverage is unknown.




Some pumps also can be programmed with a lockout feature or have certain safety features for children. There are also features in some pumps that initiate an automatic shutoff in cases where someone has become unconscious.


So, if one has special needs or healthcare concerns, it’s very important to speak up about them when determining which pump might be the best match.