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Does Using a Blood Glucose Monitor Hurt?


Using the lancing device to draw blood feels like a small pinch. The user can minimize how much it pinches by adjusting the lancing device or dialing it down so it doesn’t penetrate too deeply. The balance is that the user wants the minimal amount of penetration while still ensuring that an adequate size blood drop is drawn.  


There are also sometimes different lancets or needles that can be used in a lancing device that might be smaller, and the smaller the needle is, the less it hurts. Lastly, the user might decrease the amount of pinch by changing the location on the finger from which the blood is sampled. For example, the sides of the fingers are generally less painful locations from which to sample as compared to the center of the finger.


Amount of Blood Required


The amount of blood required by meters varies anywhere from 0.3 micro-liters to as much as 1.5 micro-liters for the common current meters. 0.3 micro-liters is about the size of the period at the end of a sentence, and 1.5 micro liters is about the size of the tip of your ballpoint pen. These are very small drops of blood.