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Disposable Insulin Pen


Prior to using a disposable insulin pen a needle has to be screwed on the top. A new needle should be used with each use. The next important step is to clean the site that will receive the injection using an alcohol swab. To push the insulin up toward the top of the pen, the device will need to be “primed”. The device is primed by using the dial at the bottom of the pen. Pressing on the bottom of the pen will release a very small bit of insulin and help ensure that the device is ready for use.


At that point, the insulin pen user can dial in the required insulin amount. Next, the insulin pen needle is placed into the selected injection site and the bottom of the pen is pressed to inject the insulin into the body. After the injection, the needle should be removed parallel to the surface.

Reusable Insulin Pen


With a reusable insulin pen, the insulin cartridge can be removed and exchanged after the insulin has been fully used. The injection needle is placed on top of the replaceable insulin cartridge. The rest of the steps for giving an injection are the same.