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How do I Select an Insulin Pen?


The first step in selecting an insulin pen begins with the physician determining what kind of insulin is needed. The next step is to understand whether the relevant insurance coverage has certain direction on which manufacturer’s insulin pen should be used.


Once the decision has been made about the type and perhaps which brand, the insulin user will need to decide whether she wants to go with the syringe and vial method or with the pen. In some instances, it is more expensive to use the pen delivery method, so oftentimes, one might start on a syringe and vial, and later progress to a pen if the insulin user wants something more convenient.


A pen is sometimes more expensive, but more convenient, and sometimes depending on insurance, it actually doesn’t cost any more than the syringe and vial.  Most of the manufacturer brands have their own unique pen designs, so the insulin user will want to be trained on the specific pen that the physician has prescribed.