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Inhaler Overview

An asthma inhaler is a small L-shaped device that when pushed down, it sprays out the asthma medication. These devices are actually quite nice because they allow the asthma medicine to get to the right place in the lung. Twenty or thirty years ago, if someone had an asthma attack, she needed to take asthma medications by mouth. Imagine having an asthma attack and having to take medicine by mouth and then waiting for it to go through the digestive tract, and becoming absorbed into the bloodstream. That oral medication goes everywhere in the body even though it’s not needed every where.


An inhaler delivers particles of medicine that are the right size to be inhaled and sends them all the way down to the lung to the tiniest tubes right where the action is happening. This allows people to use a much smaller dose of medication when it’s given in a small particle that is delivered straight to the respiratory system. Inhalers have revolutionized how asthma is treated.