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Who are Appropriate Candidates for Bronchial Thermoplasty?

The road to bronchial thermoplasty usually starts with a conversation with a physician. Most people who are candidates for bronchial thermoplasty have seen many specialists for their asthma because they have severe asthma. A doctor that specializes in the care of the lung is called a ‘pulmonologist’, and some pulmonologists are certified to provide bronchial thermoplasty. The path to get bronchial thermoplasty general starts with someone’s primary physician providing a referral to a pulmonologist, and then a discussion with that pulmonologist about whether the procedure would be appropriate.


A discussion with the primary physician and then with the pulmonologist will usually help determine whether bronchial thermoplasty is appropriate. The procedure can’t be done on anyone under 18, and it can’t be done on anyone with implanted electronic devices such as a defibrillator or a pacemaker. There are some conditions and medications that are not compatible with bronchial thermoplasty. Also, it’s important to recognize that bronchial thermoplasty is a treatment for people who have not really sufficiently been treated using the usual medications. All of this can be discussed in detail with the pulmonologist who’s certified in the procedure.