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Role of the Stomach and Intestines in Digestion


When we consume food, it initially enters the stomach, which can be considered the body’s storehouse. It is in our stomachs that digestive juices are released. These juices mix with the food, partially digesting it. At this point, the remaining food particles enter the small intestine. The small intestines is made of of 3 portions. The first part is the “duodenum”. The second part is the “jejunum”, and the last part of the small intestine is called the “ileum”.


Once the partially digested food enters the duodenum, it is broken down further. It is then absorbed into the lining of the small bowel into the blood stream where the body can then use the nutrients as fuel. The excess part is then excreted into the large colon, and is turned into fecal matter and evacuated through the bowel.