Diabetes: Pre-diabetes

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Pre-diabetes can be considered a window of opportunity. At this stage a person does not actually have a diabetic condition, but it is certainly a time to take actions to ensure that the diabetic condition does not take hold. When a person has pre-diabetes, the medical community can detect some abnormalities but there are still insulin-producing cells working and performing their function. If this function can be preserved and burnout can be prevented, than it’s possible address someone’s condition before he reaches a true diabetic state.


When a person finds out that he has pre-diabetes, there are a number of actions that can be taken to help address it. By making some simple lifestyle adjustments it can be possible to shift pre-diabetics back to normal levels and keep it that way for a number of years if not permanently.


Slowing the progression of diabetes is important, because the longer a person has diabetes the greater the risk for heart disease and complications of diabetes. If the blood sugars can be improved to a target zone, the risk of those complications of diabetes are less and less.


There are about 79 million individuals in the United States currently with pre-diabetes or about 1 in 4 adults.